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Our Company Participated In The 2022 China Hydrogen Industry Exhibition


        The China Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference is held at Qiao Shan Cultural Center in Nanhai district, Foshan City, Nov 15, 2022. With the theme of "A Zero-carbon Hydrogen Future for China", the conference is co-organized by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges under the guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration.

      In-depth discussions were held on issues such as hydrogen energy helping to achieve the goal of carbon peak neutrality, implementing the Medium - and Long-Term Plan for the Development of the Hydrogen Industry (2021-2035), promoting coordinated development of demonstration city clusters, and building a global green hydrogen energy system.

Thinkru Participation In Exhibition

This time, our company sent staff to participate in the exhibition, around the upstream and downstream links of hydrogen industry technology exhibited the company's latest technology and products, the site got a lot of positive response, and through the communication and exchange with the exhibitors to get a good consensus.

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