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Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe 2023

During the meeting, nearly a hundred experts and scholars jointly discussed the current development status and future trends of the hydrogen energy industry. Currently, countries attach great importance to the strategic emerging industry of clean new energy. China will also invest a large amount of funds to support the development of clean new energy. We believe that with the passage of time and technological progress, hydrogen energy will inevitably lead an energy revolution

On September 27-28, the 2023 Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe was grandly held in Bremen, Germany. This expo is hailed as one of the largest international hydrogen exhibitions in the world, bringing together leading enterprises and experts in the hydrogen industry, focusing on low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage, sustainable transportation, and various fixed and mobile application solutions and innovations. It has received widespread attention from the global hydrogen production, hydrogen power generation, storage and transportation, hydrogen refueling stations, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle application industries.

Thinkru showcased its latest innovative achievements at the expo, showcasing products such as PEM and Bipolar Plate, as well as Alkaline Electric Cell Electrode Plate, Electroyzer, and promoting products such as CCM, MEA, GDL, Membrane for Alkaline, H2 Fuel Cell System, Hydrogen Accessories, showcasing Thinkru's mastery of multiple key technology research and production capabilities in the field of gas storage and transportation, It has attracted the attention of exhibitors and visitors from around the world.


At the Expo site, the technical and sales teams relied on recent practical experience and the company's technological advantages to provide professional answers and feedback on key issues of customer concern. They had in-depth exchanges with major global energy companies on the current international hydrogen energy application scenarios, hydrogen energy industry chain and infrastructure status, as well as China's hydrogen energy development history, and received widespread attention and praise from many businesses.



The hydrogen energy industry, as an emerging clean energy field, is increasingly receiving global attention and favor. The international hydrogen energy market has a broad prospect, and the Thinkru Expo has yielded fruitful results. Many potential customers have shown strong interest in the company's various products, production capacity, and future production layout planning. Our company has also established connections with internationally renowned enterprises in the hydrogen energy industry chain.



Thinkru will take this expo as an opportunity to further strengthen communication, learning, cooperation and innovation with relevant industries at home and abroad, continuously leverage its own advantages, devote itself to research and development innovation, promote the progress of hydrogen energy technology, and contribute to China's and global energy transformation!

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