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Thinkru Hydrogen Energy Participated in the North American Hydrogen Technology Exhibition

From June 28th to 29th, the North American Hydrogen Technology Conference and Expo were grandly held at the NRG Center in Houston, USA. Thinkru Hydrogen Energy debuted at the exhibition with multiple products.

The North American Hydrogen Technology Conference and Expo is a must-have exhibition and conference in North America, dedicated to discussing advanced technologies in the hydrogen and fuel cell industries. This activity brings together the entire hydrogen value chain, focusing on developing solutions and innovations for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage and distribution, as well as their applications in various fixed and mobile applications.
More than 200 exhibitors, over 110 speakers, and over 3500 attendees will gather to discuss and watch the latest technologies and engineering solutions, advanced materials, manufacturing equipment, infrastructure, and testing and evaluation tools and services, ultimately commercializing hydrogen and becoming a mainstream supplier of clean renewable energy.
At this exhibition, Thinkru Hydrogen Energy, along with its mainstream products such as hydrogen based fuel cells and stack integrated systems, electrolytic water based hydrogen production, as well as related proton exchange membranes and bipolar, made a brilliant appearance, attracting many potential customers, researchers, and industry friends to stop and exchange ideas, and attracting a lot of attention.

This exhibition is a further manifestation of the company's development in the North American market. In the current global supply and demand relationship of green energy, both solutions based on "gray hydrogen", "green hydrogen", and "blue hydrogen" have great application prospects. Thinkru Hydrogen Energy will continue to rely on its profound understanding of this aspect, carry out research on core technologies and products, and actively promote the application of hydrogen energy in fields such as distributed power generation, electrolytic water hydrogen production, and hydrogen energy storage.
We will steadfastly implement our "dual carbon" strategy and contribute to the achievement of the global climate change conference's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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