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  • PEM Electrolyzer(1 Nm³)
  • PEM Electrolyzer(1 Nm³)
  • PEM Electrolyzer(1 Nm³)
PEM Electrolyzer(1 Nm³)PEM Electrolyzer(1 Nm³)PEM Electrolyzer(1 Nm³)

PEM Electrolyzer(1 Nm³)

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  • Origin:China
  • Specification:1m³/h
  • Size:195*180*150mm
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PEM water electrolyzer uses solid proton exchange membrane PEM as electrolyte and pure water as reactant. Due to the low hydrogen permeability of PEM electrolyte and the high purity of hydrogen produced, it is only necessary to remove water vapor, which is simple and safe. A typical PEM electrolytic cell is mainly composed of anode end plate, cathode end plate, anode and cathode diffusion layer, anode and cathode catalytic layer and proton exchange membrane. Among them, the role of the end plate is to fix the electrolytic cell components, guide the current transfer, distribute water and gas, and the diffusion layer plays the role of collecting current and promoting gas-liquid transfer. The core of the catalytic layer is the three-phase interface composed of catalyst, electronic conduction medium and proton conduction medium, which is the core site of the electrochemical reaction.

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