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  • PEM Electrolyzer 450ml/min
  • PEM Electrolyzer 450ml/min
PEM Electrolyzer 450ml/minPEM Electrolyzer 450ml/min

PEM Electrolyzer 450ml/min

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  • Origin:China
  • Specification:450ml
  • Product description:Pem Electrolyzer Hydrogen Electrolyzed Water for Hydrogen Production Electrolytic Cell
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Scenes to be used:
Hydrogen absorption machineHydrogen-rich water machine, etc.

Warranty and Disclaimer:
Warranty for 1 year under normal conditions of use, calculated from the time the electrolyzer was shipped from the factory.
The following situations are not covered by the warranty:
1. Problems such as the circuit and the control system itself, the failure of other electronic components, etc.
2. The water quality is not up to standard (for example: the use of mineral water, tap water, other liquids)
3. The product does not use ion exchange resin
4. Water shortage operation (including dry burning caused by the backflow of oxygen from the water inlet due to unreasonable system design)
5. The power supply of the electrolytic cell is unstable and mismatched (for example, the fluctuation of the power supply current is large: the current fluctuation in the actual working condition is large, far exceeding the rated current, and the electrolytic cell will be seriously damaged);
6. The positive and negative poles of the electrolytic cell and the power supply are reversed, resulting in burnout
7. Manually disassemble and then reassemble, the performance cannot be recovered
8. Other man-made and accidental damage and damage.
Instructions for use:
product design
1. When designing hydrogen products, use a constant current power supply that matches the voltage and current parameters of the electrolytic cell, otherwise it will cause damage to the electrolytic cell or substandard performance;
2. When designing the product, the height difference between the water outlet of the water tank and the water inlet of the electrolytic cell should be greater than 10 cm, or a circulating water pump should be equipped, and there is no requirement for the height difference between the two when setting the circulating water pump;
3. The operating efficiency of the electrolytic cell is highly correlated with the working temperature, and frequent low-temperature startup will cause certain damage to the electrolytic cell. Therefore, the problem of startup temperature should be fully considered in product design. To solve this problem, it is necessary to optimize the product design. , - is to control the power supply current output when the power supply is started through the built-in program, the output current gradually rises and rises, and finally stabilizes at the rated working current (parameters are consistent with the relevant models), and the working voltage during the period does not exceed the rated voltage; the second is in the water tankAn automatic instantaneous heating module or a water tank heating module is set between the water outlet and the water inlet of the electrolytic cell to ensure that the temperature of the water flowing into the electrolytic cell is not lower than 25 C;
4. In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the electrolytic cell, it is recommended that the product design be equipped with an ion exchange resin filter device, which can be set between the water outlet of the water tank and the water inlet of the electrolytic cell to ensure that the electrolysis water meets the requirements of the use standard;
5. If the electrolytic cell reuses the circulating water from the oxygen port, it is recommended to use it after ion exchange resin treatment (conductivity <5uS/cm), and it is recommended to add an ion exchange resin filter element;
6. When designing the product, the internal space should be designed reasonably, especially around the electrolytic cell. There is enough space and appropriate flow channel design to ensure normal air flow to achieve good heat dissipation;
7. The size of the water tank should correspond to the technical parameter table, and the liquid level control and alarm devices are set in the water tank to ensure that the water storage is above the minimum liquid level (refer to the technical parameter table for specific values).

Product assembly process
1. In the process of product assembly, it is necessary to fully understand the working principle and characteristics of the electrolytic cell to prevent the joints and nozzles of the electrolytic cell from being polluted by other substances, and the assembly workshop must have a certain degree of cleanliness;
2. When connecting the circuit system, carefully identify the positive and negative electrodes of the electrolytic cell to prevent reverse connection, otherwise the electrolytic cell will be burned;
3. The pipeline connection must be stable and reliable, with suitable temperature resistance, pressure resistance and hydrolysis resistance to prevent leakage due to aging or falling off; the material in contact with water must be corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, high-temperature resistant.As structural parts or pipelines, metal materials must be used, and pure titanium materials are recommended.
4. The selection of electrical components should be strict to ensure safety and reliability. Use a reasonable connection process to reduce unnecessary overheating. The quality of the connection wire between the power supply and the electrolytic cell should be ensured, and the connection end should be fastened and reliable, otherwise a large amount of heat will be generated and there will be potential safety hazards.

User terms of use and common sense:
1.Customers should write accurate and comprehensive product instructions to ensure that customers can use the product correctly and reasonably in accordance with the instructions for use;
2.Must use pure water/deionized water/distilled water (conductivity <5uS/cm), it is recommended to use C'estbon pure water;
3.Customers must be reminded to pay attention to the water level, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without water to prevent the electrolytic cell from burning.
4.PEM electrolyzer is a device that requires specific conditions to operate normally. Reasonable design, matching, process and use can greatly extend the service life of the device, and the life of high-quality hydrogen products can reach 3-5 years.

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