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Pressure Sensor

  • Product Item : T-PS6000-VX-Fa-B2-A-50/D/S/CQ/QT
  • Views:688
  • Origin:China
  • Supply voltage:12VDC
  • Outpu:(0.5-4.5)
  • Product description:Hot Selling Pressure Sensor Air Pressure Explosion Proof Wisdom Fire Agriculture
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Product Description:
Explosion-proof pressure transmitter
Model: T-PS6000-VX-Fa-B2-A-50/D/S/CQ/QT
Supply voltage:12VDC
Accuracy:0.5 level
Ex-mark: Exia II BT6 Ga
Ambient temperature:(-40~+60)ºC
Explosion-proof parameters:
Ui:28VDC Ii:93mA Pi:0.65W Ci:0.4μ F Li:0mH
Explosion-proof certificate No: CNEx20.1029

Scenes to be used:
This product is widely used in fire fighting, water and electricity, tap water, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, Hydraulic, and other industries to the fluid medium pressure field measurement display and control.

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