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  • 300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator
  • 300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator
  • 300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator
  • 300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator
300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator

300ML/600ML Hydrogen Generator

  • Product Item : T-RX-300C/T-RX-600C
  • Views:947
  • Origin:China
  • Specification:300ml/min 600ml/Min
  • Specifications:99.99%
  • size:425*210*365mm
  • Product description:99.99% Purity Hydrogen Generator Inhalation Machine with High Quality
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Product Description:
RX-H300C (600C) series pure water hydrogen generator eliminates the addition of lye. The electrolytic cell adopts the world's most advanced solid polymer electrolyte hydrogen production technology so that the oxygen content of the produced hydrogen is less than 0.1 ppm. It uses pure water as the electrolyte and titanium metal as the electrode. After power is on, the cathode produces hydrogen and the anode produces oxygen. Oxygen is vented, and hydrogen is separated from the water after entering the steam water separator. After being fully dried by the drying pipe, it is output from the air outlet. This instrument adopts a high-sensitivity, fuzzy automatic tracking control system, which is produced immediately after use. It realizes automatic constant pressure and constant current so that the accuracy range of pressure stability is less than 0.001mpa, which ensures that the instrument output hydrogen is of high purity, stable, safe, and sustainable pressure. It is an ideal upgrading product to replace hydrogen cylinders.


Installation and use of instruments:

1. Take the instrument out of the packing box, check whether it is damaged due to improper transportation, and check whether the instrument spare parts, certificate of conformity, and warranty card are complete.

2. Connect the gas pipe of the instrument to ensure that the joint does not leak.
3. Open the water tank cover of the instrument, add pure water (it is recommended to use "Yibao" barreled pure water), do not exceed the observed water level, nor lower than the lower limit water level, and tighten the upper cover.
4. Turn on the power supply, and turn on the power switch, the blue light of the power switch is on, the output flow liquid crystal display, the display number is 300 or 600, and the pointer of the pressure gauge rises from 0mpa to 0.4MPa, and the instrument can be used normally.
5. The instrument is equipped with a set of drying tubes. Pay attention to observing whether the silica gel in the drying tube changes color during use. If the discolored part exceeds half of the whole part, replace the discolored silica gel in time. The replacement should be carried out without pressure. Open the top cover of the drying tube, take out the inner tube, pour out the discolored part, and add new discolored silica gel or regenerated silica gel. Then put the inner tube into the drying tube, make sure to put it well, and tighten the upper cover to ensure no air leakage.
6. After the instrument is used for some time, the pure water in the water tank will become less and more turbid. Add or replace the pure water in time. Suggestion: drain all the water in the water tank within 3-6 months, and add new water after cleaning the water tank. When the instrument is transported, drain the water in the water tank. Drain method: pull out the drain silicone hose behind the instrument and remove the plastic plug.
7. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Matters needing attention:

1. It is strictly prohibited to use it in places with open flames nearby.
2. Good ventilation.
3. It is strictly forbidden to use water outside the regulations, such as tap water and purified water, which will cause damage to the electrolytic cell.
4. Nonprofessionals are not allowed to dismantle or disassemble the electrolytic cell at will.

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