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  • Hydrogen Tank 3.5L
  • Hydrogen Tank 3.5L
  • Hydrogen Tank 3.5L
Hydrogen Tank 3.5LHydrogen Tank 3.5LHydrogen Tank 3.5L

Hydrogen Tank 3.5L

  • Product Item : T-CHG3-C-125-3.5-35T
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  • Origin:China
  • Specification:3.5L-35Mpa
  • Product description:3.5L High Pressure Carbon Fiber Portable Hydrogen Tank
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Product Specifications:
Model:T-UAV CHG3-C-125-3.5-35T(M05)
Inner tube material: aluminum alloy 6061
Reinforcement: carbon fiber + epoxy system
Filling medium: H2
Operating temperature: -40-+85
Nominal working pressure: 35MPa
Hydrostatic test pressure: 52.5mpa
Cylinder service life: 5 years
Maximum charging times: 500
Minimum design burst pressure: 70MPa
Nominal water volume: 3.5L
Bottle length: 375+5mm
Cylinder weight: Max 1.6kg

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