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  • Gas Diffusion Layer/GDL
  • Gas Diffusion Layer/GDL
  • Gas Diffusion Layer/GDL
Gas Diffusion Layer/GDLGas Diffusion Layer/GDLGas Diffusion Layer/GDL

Gas Diffusion Layer/GDL

  • Product Item : T-GDL
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  • Origin:China
  • Type:Gas-permeable membrane
  • Product description:Gas Diffusion Layer Electrode Hydrophilic Conductive Carbon Paper for Fuelcell
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Product Description:

1、The gas diffusion layer (GDL) is a typical double-layer structure.、
2、Composed of macroporous support material (carbon fiber paper support) and microporous carbon base layer (MPL).
3、The fibrous substrate determines the mechanical properties of the GDL (behavior in terms of compressive, flexural and shear strength).
4、MPL guarantees intimate contact with the catalyst layer, protects the fragile proton exchange membrane from perforation, and plays an active role in the water management of the battery during operation.
5、The non-uniform porosity brought about by this structure (hydrophilic/hydrophobic and different pore size) is beneficial to the performance improvement.

Membrane electrodes have different requirements according to different usage scenarios and are highly customizable. You need to provide us with more information before we can give you a quotation. For details, please consult customer service, thank you!

In view of the complexity of the production process, please communicate with the customer service staff in detail about the customization details.

Special Note: Because this product is a scientific research tool, once used, if it is not a quality problem, it will not be returned or exchanged. Please fully communicate with customer service before placing an order.

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