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1.Layout of new energy market:

The national macro strategy has spawned a trillion level new energy market. It is imperative to replace traditional energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, in which fuel cell technology will shine.

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2.Professional knowledge talents:

The team is from Tsinghua University, South China Institute of technology and other universities with a solid foundation in the field of fuel cells. The members are masters and doctoral students. The team is young, but the professional coverage is comprehensive, and each field has a professional perspective. It also integrates the market team that has been deeply engaged in the field of hydrogen energy for many years.

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3.Master core technology:

The company owns membrane electrode and gas diffusion layer (GDL) production equipment and chemical process with independent intellectual property rights. The software and hardware development of the equipment are carried out simultaneously with the chemical process design, which realizes the true matching and compatibility, and is more flexible and low-cost. Flexible and low-cost stack production can be realized in the future.

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4.Clear business layout:

The application prospect of fuel cells is gradually becoming clear. Our team mainly focuses on the potential market of future miniaturized stacks. Membrane electrode, GDL material and other production processes, as well as stack design, have developed key technologies for this positioning, and the technology has a high degree of self-development.

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